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Law Making On Immigration Is Not A Priority

Law Making on Immigration Is Not a Priority

After the school-shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, the media and the political pundits speculated that new gun control legislation would surpass immigration reform on the U.S. Congress priority list.

In reality, Congress handles multiple topics at a time all the time. Congressional committees run hearings and propose new laws on a wide range of topics, from military to education to guns to immigration. It is important to realize, as we are seeing recently from President Obama’s speeches, that many changes to immigration and naturalization law are still being proposed. In addition to the President, a working group of eight Senators proposed ideas for reforming immigration that focus on issues like:

  • Border enforcement
  • Employee verification systems
  • Green cards for agricultural workers
  • Green cards for highly skilled workers

The legislative process remains ongoing, this group of four Democrats and four Republicans said.

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