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Immigration To Become Number One Cause Of U.S. Population Increase

Immigration to Become Number One Cause of U.S. Population Increase

Immigrants to the U.S. could outnumber the amount of people born in the U.S. by 2027. That’s one finding the U.S. Census Bureau published last week in its attempt to help policy makers better understand America’s immigration future.

Although the Census Bureau does not set immigration policy, its data is an important factor used in policy making for a variety of political matters.

The bureau also noted the following findings:

  • Immigration will outpace natural increase (the difference between births and deaths) as early as 2027 and no later than 2038.
  • Non-Hispanic whites would become a minority in the country as early as 2041.
  • In 2012, minorities made up 37% of the U.S. population.
  • Even if immigration slows dramatically, minorities will be a majority in the country no later than 2046.

With statistics like these, there is little doubt Congress will continue to push forward with new and revised laws. If you have questions or concerns during this process, please consider legal consultation. The Law Offices of Azita M. Mojarad, P.C. is always here to help.

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