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The Proposed Pathway To Immigration

The Proposed Pathway to Immigration

Some members of Congress caused a stir recently when they suggested the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon – allegedly orchestrated by two immigrants from Russia – should cause lawmakers to slow down their approach to reform U.S. immigration laws. But lawmakers are still moving forward with debate on the proposed changes, and some claim the reforms would make it easier to prevent future terrorist attacks.

Here’s a summary of the current proposal, which may change as the legislative process continues, for immigration reform:

  • Congress would spend $3 billion to hire of more border patrol officers, improve border fencing, and increase drone surveillance;
  • Grant temporary legal status to undocumented immigrants if they pay a $500 fee, pay back taxes, pass a background check and get a job; and
  • Require undocumented immigrants to wait 10 years to be eligible for a green card and wait an additional 3 years to apply for citizenship.

Political controversy can make it more difficult to understand how laws or proposed laws may impact you or your family’s immigration process. So please feel free to contact us at The Law Offices of Azita M. Mojarad & Associates whenever questions or concerns arise.

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