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Who Should Translate Foreign Documents For Immigration Applications Or Petitions?

Who Should Translate Foreign Documents for Immigration Applications or Petitions?

In our previous article, USCIS Translation Requirements for Immigration Applications and Petitions, we discussed that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires submission of “certified translations for all foreign language documents.”

You do not need to hire a professional translator.

I wish I had this information 30 years ago when I began helping my Mother petition for my Father. Initially, USCIS requested a certified translation of their marriage certificate. I hired a professional translator who charged me $150 to prepare the document. Upon my return to the immigration office, I was told that I needed several other documents translated. I remember my Mom just broke down and cried, as I did not have the money to hire the translator for the additional documents. Fortunately, a supervisor who had overheard the conversation advised me that I could have translated the documents myself.

Anyone, excluding the petitioner or a beneficiary, who is fluent in English and the language of the foreign document, may translate the foreign document. This means that you may not translate your own documents or the documents of any individual(s) involved in the application or petition. Although 30 years ago, I was told that I could have translated the document, we recommend that you also exclude close relatives, to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

The translator should translate the document word for word, and add the following language at the bottom:

I, (Name of Translator), am competent to translate from (Language of Document) into English, and certify that the translation of (Title of Document) is true and accurate to the best of my abilities.

The certification format preferred by USCIS also includes the translator’s signature, name, address and date of certification.

In recent years, USCIS has become increasingly strict about ensuring that their translation requirements are followed. To avoid any delays in the processing of your petition or application you must comply with all of USCIS’s translation requirements.

If you have any questions about USCIS’s translation requirements or any other immigration matters, contact our immigration attorneys at the Law Offices of Azita M. Mojarad, P.C. Our experienced immigration attorneys can advise you on what actions to take to ensure proper submission of your petition or application to avoid any processing delays.

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