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We had a fraudulent case with immigration services and every lawyer that i had contacted said that it was hopeless and that my husband would be deported and there was nothing they could do. Some said it would take a long time and cost us a fortune. One lawyer even said he might never be let in the united states again.

I was looking at the reviews online for immigration lawyers and came across Azita and her law offices and saw that there were great reviews. I called them up and made an appointment. She was great she said that it was possible to get him his green card and gave us a reasonable price for the job. Koby was our lawyer and the poor guy sat for hours listening and writing my husband’s story so that we could explain that his papers were not based on a fraudulent marriage. He came to the interview with us and after a year my husband his green card. They are great lawyers. May God bless them for helping so many people.

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