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Ms. Mojarad has helped me in many different cases. We first asked her for help in any matter that requires an attorney. Ms. Mojarad did the Consular immigration case of my whole family including my mother, brother, and aunt. She was with us every step of the way. In the shortest time possible the cases were done in a flawless and excellent manner. She was upfront in first consultation and she is extremely honest and helpful about what she can do or just guiding you to the right direction. She and her staff were available for any question at any time. I 100% trust her and her work and our experience with all cases were excellent. Took away a lot of worrying and pain. She is extremely professional. These cases all were different and required special attention and help.

Ms Mojarad has also been my real estate attorney in selling my own house and a few other buyer and sellers I know. She is proficient and detailed and her advice saved us thousands in these deals. The price she charged me and my family and I everyone I referred to her were very reasonable. You get excellent service for a good price. Which is rare. I say she is a gem and suggest her all the way. Thanks to her and her staff. A good lawyer makes life much better.

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