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Perfect Job and Always Responsive

I strongly recommend Azita because she does her job perfectly and she always is responsive.

– Behnam Kordnavasi

Amazing and Very Easy to Work With

Simply the best law firm to work with. Azita and Qomil were amazing and very easy to work with. I highly recommend this law firm for anyone looking for a job well done and peace of mind.

– Stephane Adovelande

Thankful to Ms. Mojarad

I highly recommend the professional services of this law firm, and I’m especially thankful to both Ms. Mojarad and Ms. Tharani for their work on my mother’s immigration case.

– Farrokh Yassan

You Get Your Money’s Worth!

I would definitely recommend this law firm… the staff here is very professional. I had Koby as my lawyer for my immigration needs, he was very professional and very helpful with the rest of the crew. Thanks to Megan and Ivonna as well, for their service. You get your money’s worth!

– Patricia Mumba

Efficient, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy

Attorney Daniel, immigration attorney in Chicago, is efficient, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I recommend this attorney to anybody that has been put in a bind by local, state, and/or federal governmental authorities.

– Mansoor Ansari

Understand All Facets of Immigration Law and Deliver Results

Azita Mojarad and her staff understand all facets of immigration law and deliver results for clients every time.

– Eric Liens

Very Difficult Case – Only Azita Could Help Me

I am living in Los Angeles. Had a very difficult case – one that only Azita and her law firm could help me to get my green card. I am very pleased with her service and recommend her for sure.

– Reza I.

Thanks to Azita, Our Family Will Never Be Apart

I commend Azita for being such a great attorney. I will never forget the day I called her for the first time, I was crushed and felt hopeless. Thanks to her, our family will never be apart. I always felt her desire to help me and my family, and we cannot thank her enough. Her staff was wonderful as well and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

– Cenaida

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