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Our attorneys represented a client who had come to the US at age ten, crossing the Mexican border in a car. Our client and the passengers in the car were “waved in” by a border patrol officer, meaning that they were physically seen by an officer but were not given an entry stamp in their passports or documents verifying their entry. Our client was married to a US citizen and was eager to file for her adjustment of status based on her marriage. She did realize however that with certain limited exceptions, applicants for adjustment of status must prove that they were “admitted” to the US; that is, that they made a legal entry into the country. Although our client did not have any evidence of her admission beyond her testimony, our attorneys prepared her for the interview and outlined her journey in a legal memo, arguing that based on the testimony presented her entry constituted an “admission”. The interviewing officer agreed with our position and approved our client’s I-485 Application at the interview. She received her green card shortly thereafter.

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