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Our attorneys represented a client whose I-485 Application was denied because he had been previously arrested for possession of cocaine. He had initially pled not guilty to the charge but later changed his plea to guilty. He later withdrew his guilty plea and the conviction was vacated a result of the underlying procedural and substantive defects in his original criminal proceedings. The denial decision indicated that our client was ineligible to adjust his status to that of permanent resident because the officer had determined he was inadmissible due to his previous conviction and alleged admission of committing a drug offense. Our attorneys filed a Motion to Reopen and Motion to Reconsider the decision to deny our client’s I-485 Application. Our brief established that our client was not convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude because the charge was later vacated, that the interviewing officer erroneously denied the application when she should have requested further evidence, and there was no admission of committing a crime of moral turpitude. A few months later, our motion was granted and USCIS reversed their position. Our client’s I-485 Application was subsequently approved and he became a permanent resident of the U.S.

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