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Wait Time For U.S. Citizenship Applications Has Doubled

Wait Time for U.S. Citizenship Applications Has Doubled

In 2014, the average time a green card holder had to wait for his or her U.S. citizenship application to be processed was about five (5) months. Today, the wait time has doubled to more than ten (10) months.

With the increased wait time, the backlog of pending applications has also increased. This means that applicants who live in areas where many green card holders are applying for U.S. citizenship have to wait even longer – in some areas up to seventeen (17) months.

Currently, all green card holders have to wait much longer for their U.S. citizenship applications to be processed than in years past. To avoid additional delays in obtaining approval of your application, you need to ensure that your application is accurate and complete. You also need to be prepared to answer the questions posed at the interview and provide the required documents at that time.

Our experienced immigration attorneys can assist you in preparing your application packet, and advise you on what to expect at the interview to ensure a smooth approval process. For additional questions on the U.S. citizenship process, or any other immigration matter, contact our attorneys at 312.641.0771.

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