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Does mediation work?

Yes, mediation leads to resolution for many couples and family members. Many times an experienced mediator is able to guide the parties to have open and direct communication about contested issues. This allows the parties to hear what the other parties have to say without having to respond or make any decisions at that time. Sometimes this approach can clear up misunderstandings and miscommunications, leading to working out a “win-win” resolution. Other times, it may require both parties to compromise to reach a settlement. It may not be everything each party expected to achieve, although it can be much better than a long, uncertain and expensive court litigation process.

An additional advantage of using a mediator, who is also a lawyer, is that the mediator understands the legal requirements for an approvable settlement agreement. This would allow the mediator to make efficient use of the time by conducting discussions on issues that matter in reaching a final settlement and restrict discussion over insignificant disagreements.

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