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Why should I fight an order of protection?

Your information (and the fact that there is an order of protection has been entered against you) will be placed in the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (L.E.A.D.S.), which is searchable by law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Illinois. In addition, orders of protection are filed with the court and are generally matters of public record. This could have serious ramifications:

  • – Negative impact or loss of your current employment;
  • – Inability to obtain future employment in certain fields or for certain positions;
  • – Loss of your FOID card which would result in your inability to maintain any firearms for your personal protection or employment for positions that require the ability to possess a firearm (i.e. security guards, police officers, etc.).

In addition, if the court finds you guilty of abuse, the judge may also order the following:

  • – Bar you from seeing your children;
  • – Prohibit you from staying at your home;
  • – Prohibit you from accessing your vehicle or other personal property;
  • – Bar you from possessing firearms.
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